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Social learning is not a new training trend

Article written for e-Learning Age magazine, November 2011 With the emergence of new social media tools, the word “Social” is being prefixed to old words to form new terms like “Social Business” and “Social Media Marketing”, and of course we…
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Social Media + Learning = much more than Social Learning

This article was written for the E-Learning Council, and first appeared on 10 October 2011 Although we learn every day, in everything we do, whether it is in what we read, watch or listen to, or in the conversations and…
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It’s all about working smarter

My work helping clients work smarter generally involves informal learning, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, organization development, and nurturing learning ecosystems. I rely on concepts from design,

Informal Learning 2.0

In the world of business, the era of networks is crowding out the Industrial Age. Network connections are replacing rigidity with flexibility, penetrating internal boundaries and silos and obliterating