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Hire the ‘loud’?

In thinking about how organizations can ‘learn’, it strikes me that everyone needs to be simultaneously learning and teaching.  How does that happen?  I think it can be scaffolded, but it may also be an inherent trait. A number of us are talking more about working out loud: Jane Bozarth and Harold Jarche talk about ‘narrating […]

Old -> New

My ITA Colleague Jay Cross had a hangout over the weekend and the conversation rolled around to the role of L&D in the new era (related to yesterday’s post). I’ve previously addressed how we can now be using tech for more of the full suite of performance, but it occurred to me that there are some ways we […]

The Agile Learning Train is Leaving the Station

I’d planned to begin posting my thoughts about how this Unmanagement/Stoos business impacts the administration and operation of corporate training. My friend Dawn Paulos at Xyleme beat me to the punch.

Reactions to the non-training approach to workplace learning

Following my recent post on the case for a non-training approach (NTA) to workplace learning and the launch of my NTA website, I’ve received quite a bit feedback and read a number of blog posts and comments about it. So…
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The Non-Training Approach to Workplace Learning

The Training Department (aka the L&D dept) has traditionally focused on designing, developing, delivering and managing instruction – in the form of courses, workshops, e-learning and other training events. In fact “a course” in some form or other has now…
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Do you really need separate social learning tools and platforms: part 1

We are hearing a lot about new social learning tools and platforms that are becoming available – but do you really need them in the workplace? As business is becoming more social and we are using new social tools to…
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