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No more business as usual

“This is business.” — Vito Corleone, The Godfather Business is changing, and the learning function must change along with it. Rigid, industrial-age corporations are not keeping up with the pace of change. Customer Spring, Shareholder Spring, and Worker Spring may…
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Why now?

Business is Falling Behind Business organizations are lagging reality. The 21st century is radically different from what came before and yet most businesses act as if nothing has changed. Half of the adult population of the United States uses social…
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Working Smarter: New Ways of Learning (PDF)

More recently at the Internet Time Alliance, we’ve been focusing not on training and learning but on ideas around “working smarter.” Jay Cross, one of my colleagues in the Internet Time Alliance,

Working Smarter

Higher ground I don’t talk much about training or learning these days. Just because you train people doesn’t mean they learn. Learning is higher ground than training, but learning is not enough

Informal Learning 2.0

In the world of business, the era of networks is crowding out the Industrial Age. Network connections are replacing rigidity with flexibility, penetrating internal boundaries and silos and obliterating