Working Smarter Transformation

10 steps for working smarter with social media

Workplace Learning is changing! A number of people, my Internet Time Alliance colleague, Charles Jennings in particular, have highlighted the fact that training that simply involves filling people’s heads with knowledge, is ineffective and inefficient – as most people forget…
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Why now?

Business is Falling Behind Business organizations are lagging reality. The 21st century is radically different from what came before and yet most businesses act as if nothing has changed. Half of the adult population of the United States uses social…
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A dozen key behaviors

Here’s shorthand for a dozen ways workers and managers in the 21st century can prosper: Take stock, take charge Delight customers Collaborate, team-work De-stress, make people happy Inspire performance

Learning Transformation & Governance

Slide deck from Plenary presentation at the World of Learning Conference, NEC Birmingham, UK. 27 September 2011.

Working Smarter

Work smarter, not harder. Have you heard that? I did, in my first job out of college; my boss said it, but it wasn’t clear what it meant. What does ‘work smarter’ mean? I already thought I was working smarter.…
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Goin’ Mobile

This is a copy of an article I’ve written for a Wiley newsletter to promote my mlearning book. The indicators are clear: the world is going mobile. Mobile subscriptions in the developed world are flattening out, not from lack of…
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Work That Stretches: The Best Teacher You’ll Find

Think back to one great personal learning experience you’ve had. It may have been in childhood when you realized you could ride your bicycle without training wheels or a parent’s guiding hand. Or it

The 70:20:10 Framework

There is a more comprehensive discussion of the 70:10:10 framework on my blog. You can find that here

Social & Workplace Learning through the 70:20:10 Lens

There have been millions of words written and spoken about ‘informal’ and social learning over the past few years. In fact, if a Martian had just arrived on Earth and strayed into a meeting of

Working Smarter: New Ways of Learning (PDF)

More recently at the Internet Time Alliance, we’ve been focusing not on training and learning but on ideas around “working smarter.” Jay Cross, one of my colleagues in the Internet Time Alliance,