Why now?

Business is Falling Behind Business organizations are lagging reality. The 21st century is radically different from what came before and yet most businesses act as if nothing has changed. Half of the adult population of the United States uses social media, up from 5% a scant six years. 750 million […]

Working Smarter

Work smarter, not harder. Have you heard that? I did, in my first job out of college; my boss said it, but it wasn’t clear what it meant. What does ‘work smarter’ mean? I already thought I was working smarter. Well, as I’ve learned (in conjunction with my ITA colleagues), […]

Goin’ Mobile

This is a copy of an article I’ve written for a Wiley newsletter to promote my mlearning book. The indicators are clear: the world is going mobile. Mobile subscriptions in the developed world are flattening out, not from lack of interest, but from saturation. People are accessing the internet more […]