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Enterprise Learners v Entrepreneurial Learners

A few days ago I made a posting in which I shared an animated video of a keynote presentation by John Seely Brown in which he talked about the concept of an entrepreneurial learner, and today I’d like to follow up on that post.â?¦

What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

On 1 October I released the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list, and in my introductory analysis I said

“Whilst there is a clear differentiation between the personal/professional tools and the enterprise tools being used by workplace learning professions, in education teachers are frequently making use of the same toolset for both their teaching and their own personal learning.  Ã¢?¦

Pick of the Month: August 2012

August is typically a quiet month, but there have been plenty of good blog posts and articles around.  Here is my pick of the month’s reading – together with a snippet from each one which shows you why it caught my eye.â?¦

Introduction to PKM Workshop & FREE Webinar

“PKM: A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world & work more effectively.”

Supporting self-managed learners with their Personal Knowledge Management is going to be a key new skill for workplace learning professionals in a social business.â?¦

The differences between learning in an e-business and learning in a social business

In my recent webinar, Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace, I shared a slide that showed the 5 stages of workplace learning.  This has attracted a lot of interest, and I’ve been asked to talk more about the differences between “learning” in Stages 1-4 and Stage 5.â?¦

Facilitating collaborative learning: a recipe for success

During 2012 Harold Jarche and I have been running a series of online workshops at the Social Learning Centre; these have proved to be very popular. In a recent article to be published in the September edition of e.learning age magazine, I describe how we have been doing this, and what I think are  the key ingredients for success.  Ã¢?¦

Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace: the presentation #socolearn

Today I gave a webinar presentation on Social & Collaborative Learning.

Below is the slideset I made available on Slideshare, but if you would like to read the slide notes and get the links to further resources, you will find them here: Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace


Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace

On Wednesday 22 August at 5 pm BST –  that’s 9 AM (PDT) / 12 PM (EDT) – I will be presenting a webinar, hosted by Citrix Online, on Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace.  Ã¢?¦

Supporting workplace learning in the network era is more than delivering courses through a LMS

Harold Jarche, in his recent post, Supporting workplace learning, uses a great  little diagram to show that –

“It takes much more than courses delivered through a learning management system to support workplace learning in the network era.”

Harold goes on to explain:

“The basic building block, in my experience, is personal knowledge management.â?¦

From Learning Management to Personal Knowledge Management

“If you look closely at people who are succeeding in this new digital world of work, you’ll notice they have something in common: they’re fast learners and they’re willing to adapt.â?¦