Who we are

Internet Time Alliance is four can-do practitioners with more than a century of experience designing interventions, improving service, increasing sales, and boosting profits. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We were brought together by our founder, Jay Cross, and we continue on inspired by his legacy.

We work individually or in teams, depending on your need. Our approach is personal. We have no junior interns on our team. You work with one of us each and every time. Call on us for well-reasoned opinion or to act as your project “dream team.” Your first call is on us.

Jane Hart

Jane founded the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, one of the most visited learning sites on the Web. Jane has worked with business and education for over 25 years, providing independent advice on the acquisition, implementation and use of new technologies.


Harold Jarche

Harold helps organizations make sense of the Web for community building, collaboration, professional development, and communication. He distills topics like complexity theory into practical advice and has developed working models for personal knowledge management. He served over 20 years in the Canadian Army in leadership and training roles. His preferred workplace is on his bicycle, where he gets his best ideas.


Charles Jennings

As CLO of Thomson Reuters, Charles successfully transformed global learning at the world’s largest information company. A former business school professor, he helps governments and corporations re-invent their approaches to building workforce performance and productivity. He is a senior consultant for the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and sits on numerous advisory boards.


Clark Quinn

Clark is a leading advocate of design that respects how people really think, work, and learn, courtesy of a PhD in applied cognitive science at UCSD. A respected speaker and writer , he’s been responsible for numerous innovative designs that integrate learner, learning, and user experience into successful performance solutions.


Several years ago Jay realized that while he championed social learning in books and conferences, he did most of his work in solitary.

Jane Hart and Jay linked arms and were soon joined by Clark Quinn and Harold Jarche. Jane and Jay have known each other for years and think alike. Clark and Jay had founded the MetaLearning Lab seven years earlier and have worked together on projects ever since. The following year, Harold and Jay had offered online, open-source unworkshops that stretched from Tokyo to Tel Aviv. When Charles Jennings retired as CLO at Thomson Reuters, we immediately invited him to join us.

We founded a community and named it Internet Time Alliance. We adopted lightweight practices that could help five independent people learn from one another. It took a year before things fell into place. Forming a new community can’t be rushed. We had conference calls, but with two of us in the UK, one in Canada, and two in the US, scheduling was a nightmare. We settled into a routine of weekly conversations on Skype, an instant messaging discussion board, and a conferencing system that lets us see one another in real time.

We grew organically, staying flexible by refusing to plan far ahead. We reinforce and supplement one another’s findings. We collaborate on projects. Our private conversations often spill into public posts and presentations.